I bought my 1970’s farm house on 3 acres in October 2019. I started working on the interior during the winter and starting mapping out my gardens for the spring and summer. Spring of 2020 was an interesting time as we all were in lockdown I found out I had a tumor in my spine. My condition quickly went downhill and I found myself scheduled for surgery with a 50/50 chance of being paralyzed. Thankfully I’m on my feet and recovering quickly. My plans are in motion and I am starting to create my farm- Phoenix Farm! I currently have a growing Flock of 20 chickens, Coturnix Quail, and 2 guinea hens. I recently placed 30 eggs in the incubator and new chicks will be arriving May 2nd. What an experience this has been and it’s only day 8. I will be growing my own vegetables, fruit, herbs, and flowers for tea this summer. Bees will be on the homestead next month! I hope to be fully sustainable by the end of summer. Please message me for details on eggs, hatching eggs, and chicks. This will help continue the growth of Phoenix farm. Thank you for your visit and I hope you will stay tuned! ☀️🐓🌱

What started the change in my life was my career.  I was not walk/running around….hitting 14,000 steps a day.  My life was now working from home, and that made things easier for me to eat….and not know how much i was eating.

Sweatpants and teeshirt kinda day….everday.  Some have their stories of ” I had to lay in bed to put those jeans on!”  Well i can say i had that too.

ACTION was created in that moment.

Thank you to my roommate for sticking with me.  She taught me the basics of weightlifting. Over time i have expanded my knowledge and excited to help change someone else’s life as she did for me.



Welcome to my first blog.

I’ve come to write about my journey, my journey of finding a stronger healthier me.  I have enjoyed the last 3 years of my life and have made some pretty awesome changes.  I believe that I have just scratched the surface of what I will become.  This new path in life is starting to create new life goals and challenges I will sign myself up for because I want to show myself what I am capable of.  I know everyone has this in them, they just have to find that voice that will help them get on the path to a better version of you. As you come back to view my next post, I may write about what I’m learning, what I’m challenged with, and some one liners that I find fascinating. (Or maybe just food for thought.)  I will add pictures here and there of my challenges or successes.